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Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering: Make. Timeless. Modern.

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Hydro, wind and solar power plants for sustainable power generation, agricultural machinery for safe food, heavy construction machinery, machine tools and robots for the production of all the things that surround us every day, locomotives, vehicles and bicycles for reliable logistics chains and individual mobility, household devices for a comfortable everyday life or medical technology for a long and healthy life – without mechanical and plant engineering, none of this would exist!

Mechanical engineers are the generalists among engineers. They develop and design, calculate and simulate machines and devices of all kinds. They plan their manufacture and organize efficient production and assembly processes. They also bring machines into service and they ensure trouble-free operation. Accordingly, you need broad specialist knowledge, the ability to think and act in networks, and the will to design and optimize technical products and processes.

Engineers with a successfully completed master's degree in mechanical engineering work primarily in the manufacturing industry – in medium-sized companies as well as in large corporations – in engineering offices, in testing, classification and consulting companies, in research institutions and in the public sector.

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