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Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering: Make. Timeless. Modern.

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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us personally.

Questions about the application and the beginning of the study

Is there a Numerus clausus?Hide

No. However, the admission requirements must be met.

What are the general requirements?Hide
Requirements for admission to the master's program are:
  • A university degree in Engineering Science from the University of Bayreuth or an equivalent degree, and
  • a certificate of an industrial internship of at least twelve weeks. If the proof cannot be provided at the beginning of the studies, the proof must be provided within one year. Details on the content and proof of the industrial internship are regulated by the internship regulations of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences
What are the language requirements?Hide

For applicants who have not acquired their university entrance qualification or their first degree opening access to studies in German, proof of the required knowledge of the German language is mandatory.

For the Master's program in Mechanical Engineering, the University of Bayreuth accepts the following language certificates:

What are equivalent degrees to the bachelor's degree in Engineering Science?Hide

Higher education degrees must not have significant differences in terms of competencies acquired (learning outcomes).

To this end, the specified credit points must be demonstrated in the following areas:

  • Mathematics, including numerical mathematics:
    At least 20 credit points
  • Engineering mechanics, including fluid mechanics:
    At least 15 credit points
  • Engineering Design, machine elements:
    at least 9 credit points
  • Engineering thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer:
    At least 12 credit points
  • Electrical engineering, measurement engineering, control engineering, mechatronics:
    At least 12 credit points
  • Computer science and programming:
    At least 4 credit points
  • Finite Elements Analysis:
    At least 4 credit points
When can I start studying?Hide

The master's program in mechanical engineering can be started in the winter or summer semester.

What is the teaching language?Hide

Almost all courses are held in German. If you would like to work in Germany or in German-speaking countries in the future, learning the German technical terms is a great advantage.

Can I complete the degree program part-time?Hide

Yes. The master's program in mechanical engineering will also be offered on a part-time basis starting in the winter semester 2023/2024.

How do I enroll?Hide

The enrollment for the Master's program in Mechanical Engineering is done online. For this purpose, please refer to the page of the Studierendenkanzlei (Student Office).

What does my first semester look like?Hide

The master's degree program in mechanical engineering basically offers you great flexibility in choosing your courses. The study plan gives you a first orientation.

How many semesters is the standard period of study?Hide

The standard period of study, including the master's thesis and examination periods, is four semesters.

Is there also a Formula Student Team at the University of Bayreuth?Hide

Yes, even the most successful team in Northern Bavaria: Elefant Racing. By the way, Elefant Racing is always looking for dedicated students of mechanical engineering to become even better!

Questions about the course of study

Where can I find the courses I can choose from?Hide

An overview of all engineering courses can be found in the overall module handbook of the Faculty of Engineering. You can also find all courses in cmlife.

How do I find buildings and rooms?Hide

The website of the University of Bayreuth offers a detailed campus map showing all buildings. There you will also find a search function for rooms. In addition, there is also a campus map on the back of your CampusCard.

Can I use the university library free of charge?Hide

Yes, you can borrow books free of charge. The CampusCard serves as your library card. By the way: Every Thursday of the month, a tour is offered in the Central Library, which provides basic knowledge about the library.

How do I get access to the Internet or to a VPN client?Hide

PC pools are located throughout the campus and in the libraries, where computers with Internet access are available to you at all times. Likewise, you can set up the university WLAN eduroam on your smartphone or laptop, or simply use the free BayernWLAN. Using the university's VPN client, it is also possible to access the university's resources from outside via a secure connection.

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