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Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering: Make. Timeless. Modern.

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After the study

An academic career

The Master's program in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bayreuth offers an excellent basis for working as a scientist at the university with the prospect of a doctorate to the worldwide renowned degree of "Dr.-Ing." due to its technical spectrum and at the same time the individual specialization possibilities.

During this doctoral period, you will consolidate your specialist knowledge, come into contact with cutting-edge research – and expand the boundaries of your respective field! You will work independently on engineering problems and research new solutions experimentally or on the computer. You will learn how to prepare knowledge didactically and pass it on to students. You will present your findings nationally and internationally at conferences and in renowned journals, thus actively contributing to the scientific discourse. You participate in the application of research and development projects and are responsible for project management. The doctoral project is completed with a Dissertation (PhD thesis).

After successfully completing your doctorate, you will have the ideal prerequisites for a further academic career in Germany and abroad. Thanks to the additional qualifications you have gained, however, you are equally well suited to take on particularly responsible management tasks in industry.

A career in the industrial sector

Even without a doctorate, graduates of the master's program in mechanical engineering at the University of Bayreuth are highly sought after for their broad specialist knowledge and their ability of networked thinking.

Typically, you start your professional career in planning, research and development departments of companies, in engineering offices or in the higher service in public administration. Initially, the focus is usually on technical qualifications, for example in technology and product planning, in calculation, design and testing, in process planning or production planning. After a few years of proving themselves, university graduates are usually increasingly entrusted with management tasks, for example in product, technology or innovation management, and they take on additional tasks, for example in committees and bodies of standardization organizations or research associations.

University graduates are also frequently found in management positions, from department heads to managing directors or as top civil servants. Many company founders have also successfully completed a mechanical engineering degree. By the way, the Gründeruni Bayreuth especially promotes and supports such founders!

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